For we are God’s fellow workers. You are God’s field, God’s building.  1 Cor. 3:9


Local mission Partners

We count every person who is part of our community at Gordon Baptist Church as a local mission partner as we seek to live lives that announce God's reign to those we do life with. Some great ways to intentionally partner with us include:

  • Joining a team to serve our community. You can find out about our teams here.
  • Giving financially. You can find out ways to give here.
  • Becoming a member to get more involved in the way the community operates. If you'd like to find out more about becoming a Member of Gordon Baptist Church get in touch and we can begin a conversation.

We also partner with local organisations in seeking to love and care for our wider community, including:

GLOBAL Mission Partners

A number from our community have moved overseas who we continue to support financially and through friendship in the work they are doing. These partners include:

Grace — East Asia

Grace longs to see people in every city, village and language group worshipping God and having life transformed by Christ. She works especially with the biggest minority people group in East Asia who live without Scripture in any of their dialects, and who have very few strong local believers. Only around 0.2% of their 18 million people are Christians and a vast number of them live in remote villages with no one to tell them about Jesus. Grace befriends people, cares for them and shares her faith, teaches music and runs workshops regularly. By connecting local believers from different nearby counties, she creates an environment where they can inspire and encourage one another to share and write songs of worship they can sing in their heart language and teach to others in the villages.

R and J, & Family — EAST ASIA

R and J have a heart for minority groups. In the past J has been involved in music training, recording, and business, on top of studying some of the local minority languages. He has been part of leading holiday camps and also spends time training different groups both foreign and local in orality and storying. More recently he has developed internships to train up locals and foreigners in teaching the book through English and Mandarin classes and simple songs, predominately to local monks. R builds new relationships from home as part of family life and also home-schools their children. They are active in a fellowship, which is multiplying.

David and Kristin, with Samuel — South East Asia

Dave and Kristin are working in one of the poorest areas in the world, despite its abundant natural resources. The population is largely rural and often short of food. Malaria, dengue, water-borne diseases, and HIV/AIDS are significant problems. Literacy levels are low and children are vulnerable to exploitation. There are conflicts in the region and large numbers of internally displaced people. It also has a restricted Christian church (6% of the population) mainly among ethnic minority groups. Dave specialises in agriculture, development and environmental management, working with aid and development agencies and businesses as a technical advisor and mentor to equip local people to address people’s physical and spiritual needs. Kristin is a paediatrician, involved in teaching other health professionals and treating children in orphanages. Both are also very active in the ministry of their local church.

Joyce and Paul, with Joshua — France

In spite of its rich Christian heritage, in a population of 60 million there are less than 400,000 evangelical Christians in France (0.7% of the population). Paul works full-time as a pastor in a local church. Joyce is also involved in church-based ministry. Paul, Joyce and Joshua are just about to relocate to a new area and take up these roles with new communities of people.