Prayer Wall


Welcome to the GBC Prayer wall! Here is where you can write and read about specific needs and reasons for thanks shared by our church family. 

Who can post? 

Anyone who is part of our church community with access to the member’s area; ministry leaders; young and old; those from every congregation and language.  Please write in English and offer help to others you know who may need it. 

What can I post? 

Personal matters of need or rejoicing; particular issues or opportunities concerning a ministry of our church.  Write about things everyone else in our church can’t know about unless they read it here, but that they will want to know, because they care.  Please don’t write about world events e.g. ‘conflict in the Middle East’, ‘the upcoming election’, or make generic requests, e.g. ‘our young people’, ‘the sick’, ‘our worship services’ etc.  Be specific.  Be concise.  Be relevant to our shared life.  Write only about yourself or ministry unless you have clear permission from someone else to mention them.

How do I post? 

Simply write in the box below and then click the post button. 

How might I use this? 

Use what you read to prompt you in times of personal prayer, in prayer-triplets, in Discipleship groups, in public worship services.  Make sure you keep everything confidential so others feel confident to share.

Please make our Prayer Wall a regular destination.  It is the most accessible place for everyone in our church community to share together important things to pray about.  Let others know this is a good place to visit.  And then don’t forget to pray!